Combinated Kettle

Manufacturer: Russia
Product Code: kettle
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   "War... war is never changes, but lunch has to be on time!" Providing food in the field is very important, because a hungry soldier is not as effective as a well-fed one. A soldier of any branch of the Russian army must have a special kettle with him.

   The Paratrooper's kettle, unlike its infantry counterpart, is more versatile and variable, due to the presence of a flask in the kit. The kettle of this model is used exclusively in the Russian VDV.

   The kit consists of a flask, a cap with a handle and the pot itself with a shackle for hanging over the fire or carrying.

1. Volume of 1 liter.
2. The set includes a flask.
3. Attention! This product could be in long-term conservation,
in warehouse storage and have external scuffs,
but this does not affect its quality and functionality!

Material of manufacture: Aluminum.

Weight: 600 gram