VDV Kettle

Manufacturer: Russia
Product Code: kettle
Stock Status: Available


Bowler combined with flask

Bowler combined with flask-three in one.
· Jar with aluminum fastening a cover (1l.);
· Pot with a handle (1 l.);
· Podkotelnik with handle (0.5 l.).

In this configuration jar is inserted into the pot, the pot in podkotelnik, and the whole set is embedded in the cover, which is available separately!
Size Package assembled: 182 x 160 x 90 mm.
Color kit: light aluminum. All the elements are made of lightweight aluminum for the food army specifications.
Bowler combined with the flask may be used:
- Cooking in a suspended and a ground position;
- Carrying fluid in the volume to 1 liter over large distances (complete with podkotelnikom);
- As capacity for collecting, carrying, storing loose berries and other food products;
- As a distiller (distiller) or contaminated seawater

Can be little used.