Tactical Sling "RT-PKM"

Manufacturer: SSO/SPOSN
Product Code: belt
Stock Status: Available



   During service or combat, weapons become an integral part of the soldier, but you do not need to carry gun constantly in your hands, and it is easy to drop and lose weapon, so you need to attach a sling to any weapon.

   The RT-PKM is a strong sling for use with heavy weapons such as LMG. The RT-PKM sling is designed for use with PKM and PKP Pecheneg machine guns.

   The sling is attached to the weapon with a metal carabiner and a textile sling to the butt, has a large shoulder pad and fastex for quick release. Thanks to the large cushion, the sling significantly increases the convenience of carrying heavy weapons.

1. Designed specifically for machine guns.
2. Large shoulder pad for weapon weight distribution.
3. Has a fastex for quick reset.

Fabric: Polyamide.

Weight: 210 gram