Suit Gorka 2 "Grozny"

Manufacturer: ANA
Product Code: suit
Stock Status: Available

$59 $82

This  Gorka suit made by St. Petesburg company ANA. Main plus of all gorkas from ANA - very good quality, good price. All this Gorkas making for MVD special Forces, like SOBR or OMON. ANA using Taurpalin fabric, so it's very durable, but that's increase weight. Most of this models classic and will work good as for old sets, as for modern sets. 

Main Feature of Gorka 2 - it's "Anorak", that mean, that it have pocket on chest, where you can lay something like documents, mobile phone, keys and etc. 

This gorka will works during demiseason. 


1. Anorak

2. ANA quality

3. Great choice for demiseason

4. 4 Pockets on Trousers.

5. Overall trousers.

6. Issued for most Russian Special units.