6B50 Ratnik Goggles

Manufacturer: Russia
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   In the conditions of modern combat, the main danger for the soldiers are small fragments of shells, mines, grenades. They are especially dangerous for then, because only one small fragment can injure and bring a soldier out of action.

   To solve this problem, the company NPP "Class" has developed and produced goggles 6b50.

   The main feature of this goggles is that the glasses reliably protect the organs of vision even from the largest fragments. Also glasses are able to protect the eyes and part of the face from chemical liquids, thermal factors.

1. The most protected goggles in the Russian Army.
2. Works great with 6b47 and leaving no gap between helmet and glasses.
3. The band of glasses is perfectly stretched and can be fixed on the helmet.
4. Included in Ratnik Gear.
5. This Goggles are tested (by Russian Standards) and meet ANSI Z87.1+
    and EN166 standard. We tested it with BB.
    Lenses are protected from 650 fps shot.
6. This product was in long-term preservation, in warehouse storage,
but this does not affect its quality and functionality! 

3mm Polycarbon

Weight: 250 gram