Winter Masking Suit "Blot"

Manufacturer: Russia
Product Code: suit
Stock Status: Available



   Choosing the right camouflage for a certain terrain allows you to shoot first, disorient the enemy and fire freely or simply escape in the woods after a contact reconnaissance. But here came the cold Russian winter and your camouflage began to unmask you.

   "Blot" masking suit was designed for use in winter in the forests of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. The suit is spacious, made of lightweight (suit weights only 270 grams) and durable nylon. Worn over warm clothing and body armor.

   Camo pattern allows you to successfully mask at a distance of 30 meters. Light weight makes it easy to take it with you if you don’t put it on.

1. Excellent winter camouflage.
2. Comfortable to wear over level 7.
3. Lowweight.
4. Can be easily folded.
5. Dryes quickly.

Nylon 100%.

Weight: 400 gram