6b13 vest

Manufacturer: Techincom
Product Code: vest
Stock Status: Available


Doesn't have any Bulletproof protection!

Original 6b13 by Techincom. Made of Mogotex Fabric (Russian Analog of Cordura 1000D). 
Have soft Insertions
Provides impact protection and can be used as an element of the equipment during military tactical games (paintball, airsoft).
As imitators bulletproof armor plates used in foam thickness of 15 mm.
Can fit "Granit 4" armor Plates and original Kevlar.
Have a write "Макет" on inner vest size

Body armor Ind. 6B11-1, 6B12-1, designed 6B13 "NPF" Tehinkom " St. Petersburg. Approved by the order of Ministry of Defense to supply the Russian Federation N 370 from 14.07.2000, the mass-produced NPF" Tehinkom "and ZAO" CVM "Armokom."

Unifided body armor system provides you ability to change the level of protection of the I-st ​​to the IV-th classification of Defense of the Russian Federation in combat and specific combat. For this body armor equipped with composite ceramic armor plates "Granite-4." Also available with a variation of BZ protection levels from 1 to 6A in accordance with GOST R 50744-95 (on NIJ3a to NIJ4).
Body armor 6B13 equipped with a single bullet resistance for chest armor plates that provide protection from the chest by bullets from hitting all firearms 7.62 mm or less. Body armor 6B13 dorsal armor plates are also equipped with the appropriate level of protection.
The technical solution of organo-ceramic armor panels "Granite-4" is protected by the patent of Russian Federation N 2190823.

Vest sold without armor plates and ballistic packets.

Universal size. One size fits all (from 44 till 62 sizes) 

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