VKBO 4th Layer Summer Suit (Old Type)

Manufacturer: Russia
Product Code: suit
Stock Status: Available



   The reforms of The Russian Armed Forces uncovered the absence of modern, cheap in production, comfortable and durable uniform with velcro for patches.

   As a result, BTK Group has developed VKBO uniform system, which also included summer field suit (4th layer) as universal field uniform.

   The suit is made of "Yelochka" fabric, which is well-breathable and durable enough. Velcro panels at the sleeves allow to remove any patches at a moment and turn to little green man from Russian Armed Forces soldier.

   This suit is a good choice for everyone, who prefer durable, modern and simple field suit in Digital Flora. This suit is in use in all Russian Armed Forces units.

1. Velcro panels for sleeves patches and collar patches.
    (You can buy VKBO patch set at our website.)
2. In use in each unit of Russian Armed Forces.
3. This suits were produced at Penza by the license of BTK Group for
    Southern Military District personnel.
4. Simple and durable construction provides long term of this suit usage. 

5. This product was in long-term preservation, in warehouse storage,
but this does not affect its quality and functionality! 

Original Army "Yelochka" fabric

Weight: 1300 gram