Combat Trousers "Combat"

Manufacturer: SSO/SPOSN
Product Code: trousers
Stock Status: Available



   Modern combat uniform should combine such qualities as multitasking, comfort, durability and simplicity. Many types of uniform are developed, but special tasks require the use of special equipment. Regular BDU trousers are not always enough functional and comfortable, which does not satisfy the special forces operators.

   These combat pants are an analogue of G3 Crye Precision trousers, but adapted according to the requirements of Russian special forces. The design envisages high stress load and does not constrain your movements.

   Unlike usual BDU trousers, combat pants have much better ventilation, a more comfortable fit, and the ability to install knee pads in them. In addition to all this, the pants also retain a characteristic feature - a lot of roomy pockets.

1. Great for hot weather.
2. Designed for special forces.                                    
3. Knee pads are not included.

Fabric: Rip-Stop (65% Polyester 35% Cotton)
Elastic inserts: 100% Polyester

Weight: 1000 gram