VKBO 5th Layer Waterproof Demiseason Suit

Manufacturer: BTK Group
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   The cool season creates a number of difficulties for the military. Lower temperatures, frequent rains and strong winds make it necessary to choose equipment and clothes that are more suitable for a given season. A soldier needs to stay dry and warm to complete missions comfortably. Therefore, it is recommended to pay attention to warm clothes made of membrane fabric.

   The demi-season suit from BTK, designed specifically for the Russian army, perfectly solves this problem. The costume is completely made of waterproof and windproof membrane, suitable for a wide temperature range. The jacket has an adjustable hood, shoulder straps, velcro for chevrons and patches on the chest and sleeves, two cut-in pockets with zippers that can be used as ventilation on the chest. Also there is a pocket for documents inside, two shoulder pockets, and the armpits have holes for ventilation. The sleeves' cuffs are equipped with elastic bands; There is an adjusting cord in the bottom of the jacket.

   Trousers have an elastic band in the waist and have loops for a belt. There are two patch pockets with elastic cords and two cut-in pockets. The bottom of the trousers has an elastic band and isn't tucked into the boots. You can unzip the pants on both sides to avoid the need to remove them when going to the toilet.

1. One of the best and most comfortable Russian suits.                                                                  
2. Great protection from wind and rain.
3. Used at temperatures from -40 to +20.
4. Lots of pockets.
5. Adjustable to fit.
6. Excellent for re-enacting modern Russian Army.

Membrane Fabric

Weight: 1500 gram