VKBO 5th Layer Waterproof Demiseason Suit

Manufacturer: BTK Group
Product Code: suit
Stock Status: Available

$89 $125

Comfortable temperature: -40 to +20 oC
Used with layer: ANY

Imagine, rainy and cold day, really headache for everyone. But not now! We presenting you 5th VKBO Layer. 

It's made from Membrane fabric, so, it's water and windproof and in the same time it's breath and suitable for use during any weather. It's dry very fast, very light and it's for sure one of the best Suits, that was created for the Russian Army. 

Now, it's the main suit for Army during Demiseason - early September - end of April (in some regions). 

NOTE! Not include suspenders. Original, made by BTK Group.

Composition: 99% polyamide, 1% elastane. Encapsulation silicone.

• Main Field suit for cold weather.

• Repels water, protects from the weather and wind.

• Fast drying.

• Excellent breathability, high vapor permeability under load.

• Lightweight and compact, flexible.

• Ergonomic cut, adjust the landing in the figure.

• Used in a multi-level system of the upper suit or as an extra insulating layer.

• At the level of the chest, pockets on the sleeves and a flap pocket left sleeve jacket located textile fasteners for attaching decals.