VKBO Winter Mittens

Manufacturer: BTK Group
Product Code: gloves
Stock Status: Available


This gloves made for mild and cold winters. Have liner inside. Protect you're hands from wind and from water. You can use them with weapon.


Composition: 100% polyamide. Encapsulation silicone.

• Use insulation with insulated suit for extreme cold weather. Do not use with small objects, devices and weapons, which It requires precision motion.

• Fabric upper repels moisture and protects from snow and wind.

• The heater does not absorb moisture, keeping warm.

• Lightweight and compact (easy to fit in the side pocket of his jacket).

• Fast drying.

• It is possible to mount mittens on the sleeves of the suit jackets insulated to prevent loss.

• Easily drag on for size with the help of wide straps and buckles in the area wrists.

• Supplied complete with additional removable fleece insulation.

• Recommended temperature range for use from -40 ° C to 5 oC