VKBO Winter Mittens

Manufacturer: BTK Group
Product Code: gloves
Stock Status: Available



   VKBO/VKPO - layered clothing for soldiers of the Russian Army. It includes many elements of clothing for all weather conditions.

   Mittens from the VKBO kit are used at low temperatures up to -25 degrees, equipped with a removable fleece lining.

   These mittens perfectly retain heat and do not allow your hands to get wet, but they do not have fingers, which is why they will have to be removed from your hands to shoot.

1. Included in the clothing set VKBO/VKPO.
2. Removable Fleece insulation.
3. Attention! This product could be in long-term conservation,
in warehouse storage and have external scuffs,
but this does not affect its quality and functionality!

Fabric: Polyester, Fleece.

Weight: 50 gram