Manufacturer: Gear Craft
Product Code: hat
Stock Status: Available


Special Helmet Rys-T created for FSB and MVD units. 

This replica made from Steel and Polycarbonade. Visor made from plastic, can stop bb with starting speed 250 m/s.  Come with working radio, that can be connected with Kenwood/Baofeng radio stations. 

2017 year version!
This helmet now produced by Gearcraft company. They use real steel for visor, better glass and of course much better paint. Helmets selling in two colors - Olive and BLK. 

One size fits all. Universal size for any head (from 55 till 62 size of head).

Best choice for Playerunknown's Inspiration set!

We resolved major problems with manufacturing of this helmet. It's waiting time estimate from 2 days till 2 weeks or even faster.