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Disclaimer: This set is designed for you to create a loadout similar to current russian units. It is not designed to be one hundred percent accurate as with all things Russian the variety is so diverse

FSB Special Operations Center of Russia - a division of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation. Is part of the services for the protection of the constitutional system and the fight against terrorism. Was created in 1998 by merging into a single team of special forces units of the security forces. Decision on the establishment of the Centre was due to the growing threat of international terrorism and extremism. Establishment of the Centre brings together the special units of the security forces during special operational combat operations to stop terrorism and force providing operational and investigative activities to counter organized crime networks.

FSB Special Forces old model is a generic image itself. The reason for this is both freedom and its absence in the selection of equipment. Freedom lies in the fact that a member of the special forces of the FSB has the opportunity to choose their own most of the equipment used at the same time there has been a failure in the available equipment in acces. We present you  the most common elements of equipment FSB of "before multicam period" 1993-2005.

FSB officers use almost all available camouflages including commercial and even overseas. However, in the early stages due to a lack in the supply of high-quality gear they used is not the biggest equipment list.

The most serious test of the FSB passed during both Chechen companies. Harsh mountains of the Caucasus Nature did not spare equipment of poor quality.

But help came from the famous "Gorka suit" (Mountain suit)  known by Russian army long before the events of the early 90th. This tight canvas suit is perfect for mountain weather conditions, as well as who had a good quality masking under the mountains.


Costume Gorka, made many Russian companies. Depending on the type of material, it has different degrees of density and lightness. Also, Russian companies have developed Gorkas with camouflage accents.

gorka E ss leto                                                                    

Gorka 3 is most popular camo for FSB                            

Also don't forget about modern Gorka 5 from Splav. 

You have to choose a Gorka on your taste, as is do the staff of special forces   ; )

PS:  для того чтобы не возникало много споров по поводу Gorka, пишу этот текст на русском. Спасибо гугл транслейт. Вы действительно можете использовать любой костюм на ваше усмотрение. Нет никакой уставной Gorka. Однако если вы сомневаетесь - берите предложенную автоматически. Или gorka-3


We strongly encourage you to complete this way to take the helmet. Of course you can use and the cap, but the specifics of the work of the FSB expects to use the helmet.

        Replica helmet with visor K6-3 (OD)
    Replica helmet ZS-1 Ver. 2 (with visor)
        Replica helmet ZS-1-2 (without visor) (In this photo it with Visor)


As already mentioned Vest can be selected depending on the needs operative. However, the most successful variant was piping system from the company "SSO" SMERSH

Reliable and convenient, time-tested.

Also suitable analog of Smersh, from Azimut, that named Smerch. It have not the best quality, but price is good.

Please, don't forget to write your correct size :) 

And be ready to protect people from Terrorism ;)

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