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Disclaimer: This set is designed for you to create a loadout similar to current russian units. It is not designed to be one hundred percent accurate as with all things Russian the variety is so diverse.

"Quieter than water, lower than grass"


"only the stars above us"

Two main motto of russian recon scouts. They are  eyes and ears of army. They were the first who will find the enemy, and deliver any vital information to headquarters, and if need be - to join the battle. They capture the enemy soldier prisoner for interrogation, they make a daring night raid, and the enemy did not know about it until the last moment ...

Of course secrecy is paramount for the Scout. They need light equipment, for quick and mobile movement. And for their own purposes, has been for decades, russian scouts using light camo suit.


In addition to its light weight camouflage suit blurs the silhouette of a man. Due to its baggy, he hides the contours of the body, making the Scout unreadable to the human eye.


Due to the nature of their profession, most scouts do not use bullet-proof vest and helmet are rarely used. However, due to reasons of camouflage head scout is always covered. This may be a regular army cap, convenient masking Panama, or even an ordinary bandage khaki.


Usually Scouts do not feel the need for a large amount of ammunition carried by so vests used easily without disturbing crawl and walk in the woods.

One of the most popular scout vest is SMERSH                  


But also they used more light version SMERCH               



and very useful for snipers  - Chameleon                 

But remember, not equipment makes scout invincible warrior, but his mind and stealth



    We present to you the products of Russian companies and factories ranging from small workshops to large factories. This can be a massive defense orders, warehouse surplus since Soviet times, small exclusive supply.

However, all Russian goods unites several unique features. This legendary simplicity and reliability comparable with AK47.

The massive use of simple, sometimes rough but incredibly practical materials is a significant feature of the production of the USSR. Russian production in the best extent inherited the experience, but fully supplementing it with the most advanced Western technologies of the new century.

So meet  flavor of Russian manufacturers, you will not be difficult to feel the charm of this enchanting Russian things.

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