![]( Aproduct/A_camo/description.jpg) The 9A-91 compact submachinegun\\PDW was created in the interests of Ministry of Internal Affairs, Internal Troops, special services and other law enforcement agencies units of the Russian Federation as a compact assault weapon that can be used by operatives bothly for low-profile carrying and during counter-terrorist operations, especially indoor\\close quarters combat. 9A91 provides much convenience during assault operations (especially if operative carries a shield or conducting assault with alpinist rope usage). Due to its compactness, the ability to install silencer, Soviet-type ("lastochka") optic sights mount, ease of handling and a powerful cartridge, 9A-91 became very popular among SF units operatives. This AEG model has a silencer, which is also the battery compartment. It has V3 Gearbox, two firing modes (semi-automatic and full-auto), made of steel (except for the forend, which is made of special shock-resistant plastic) and made highly-authentic!
![]( Aproduct/A_camo/Features.jpg)
1. Gearbox-3d Version 2. Firing modes: semi-auto, full-auto 3. Mag capacity - 70 balls 4. Initial speed (tested with 0,2 BBs) - 120-130 m / s. (393,701FPS – 426,509 FPS) 5. Installing the battery (not included into the supply kit!) - In the silencer
Materials: Steel with an additional phosphate lacquer protective coating. Forend: high-durable and shock-resistant plastic.
Weight: 3100 grams Length: 875 millimeters


    AEG 9A-91


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