Two Chechen wars have shown that the Russian army needs a new universal and simple camouflage suit. It should be good for warfare both in winter and in summer. The requirements for the new suit were convenience, simplicity and, of course, ensuring good camouflage.

 "Krot" camouflage suit was developed to solve this problem. It was widely used in Police Special Forces units which took part in special operations in the Caucasus. The suit includes buttoned pants and jacket. It's made of a lightweight and breathable fabric, isn't two-sided. The jacket has two pockets with flaps, as well as additional ventilation and an inside pocket for the documents. Pants also have two pockets with flaps and reinforcements in the back and in the knees.

The suit is perfect for hot climate and also has a fairly loose cut which allows you to use it in cold weather just wearing over a warm jacket. "Krot" is a great suit for the re-enactors of the Chechen wars and an excellent light camouflage suit for the forest.


  • 35 % Viscose 65 % Polyester

Sniper Suit "Krot"

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