Winter is a period that causes great difficulty in performing tactical missions. Low temperatures and snow are significant obstacles. Therefore, you should be wise to the choice of winter equipment. And when it comes to winter, who else but Russians know how to warm you?

Ana Tactical "Protector" bib-overall is great for the cold. It was developed as part of the OMON uniform in the early 2000s. "Protector" has a straight silhouette, fastens with buttons. It also has adjustable straps with fastexes, two front patch pockets, one for the pistol magazine and another on the right side for the knife, flashlight or multitool.

Among other things, there are belt loops on the waist, and it is tightened in the back part with an elastic cord. There are additional fabric layers in the knee areas, it doesn't constrain movements and perfectly retains heat. This bib-overall was actively used by OMON during the Second Chechen War.


  • Insulator from polyester batting

Overall "Protector"

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