We all love big guns, but with a big gun comes a great responsibility, a great return. What no large caliber small arms can do without is a stock. Its task is to be light, durable, convenient and concise.

The Armacon company has produced a beautiful sample called "Baskak" - a lightweight tubular buttstock of a well-thought-out design. The butt consists of a pipe and an aluminum butt plate. The butt weighs ONLY 180g in the assembly (against 550 for the PT-3, for example), and since the bulk is enclosed in the back of the butt, this should have a positive effect on the overall balance of the weapon. The main advantage of this butt is extremely low weight. It is perfect for "shorties" or just for those who are tired of heavy weapons.

The "Baskak" alloy of aluminum with magnesium and copper is made. Such alloys are called durals, and durals are used as structural alloys in the aviation and space industries, due to their strength and relative lightness. The Baskak coating is not only slightly susceptible to abrasion, but also has low thermal conductivity, which is important in our cold winters.

Adjustment of the butt length is provided, which is carried out by sawing off the pipe along the three provided cuts. The width of each of them is 10 mm, which will easily allow you to adapt it to your physique. Even if you use it as a stop, it can safely withstand more than 100 kg of mass without losing its functionality at all. The cavity inside the pipe can be used to store various small things like cleaning, etc.

The inner space of the stock may be used for small items containment, like batteries, clean&care kit, etc.


  • Duralumin

Lightweight Buttstock "Baskak"


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