What should I do if the weapon does not have the necessary and convenient mount for the sight? For such purposes, there are side rails.

The Armacon side bracket is a durable aluminum product consisting of two parts, called a "lower" and "upper" Lower - the lower part of the bracket, which is attached directly to the bar on the receiver. Upper-the upper bar, designed for the installation of sights. It has the ability to adjust horizontally, thereby achieving a more accurate adjustment of the sight.    

The product is made of high-strength aluminum alloy and has 2 complete sets: with a Picatinny (P-1) upper and with a Holosun (H-1) upper . It can be installed on such weapons as: AK-74M, AK 100-series, Saiga carbines and Vepr carbines.


  • Aluminum T7075

Side Rail "BS-150"


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