At the first contact with the enemy, the element of surprise should not be underestimated, and the masking of the shooter should be maintained for the longest possible period of time (from the moment of opening fire on the enemy, until the full disclosure of the fighter's position). Even after the beginning of the collision, the flashes from the shots are an excellent reference point for the return fire of the enemy and the masking of the shooting plays a significant role.   

DTK “AKML” produced by ARMACON will help you to cope with this problem. "AKML" is designed to reduce the light unmasking of the shooter when shooting from rifled weapons in dark and twilight conditions. This product does not extinguish the flash completely, but it disperses about 70% of the flame formed when fired, which is quite enough even for night shooting. Unlike cheap analogues, the flame arresters of the AKML series are made of heat-resistant steel on 5-coordinate machines with subsequent carbonitration of the surface, are not subject to corrosion in fresh water, and the weight of the masker is only 90 grams.   

It is installed on AKM and RPK without the use of any adapters.


  • Steel with anti-corrosion coating



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