Armacon "Volk" maskirator\flashider developed to decrease weapon`s firing flash to the minimum to avoid light demaskiration of shooter durinig small arms firing in twilights or in darkness. Unlike cheap analogs, "Volk" flashiders are made from heat-resistant steel on 5-axis machines with subsequent surface carbonitration, are not subject to corrosion in fresh water, and the masker weight is only 250 grams.

Supplied with mounting on 14x1 mm threads for 7.62 caliber. For models with a different thread, you must use an adapter! 

It is important to note that this product is not a compensator and is not a sound moderator (although the sound of the shot becomes a bit more comfortable, both for the shooter himself and for those around him).


  • Made of heat resistant steel
  • Coated with anti-corrosion coating

DTK "Volk"


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