We all love big guns, but with a big gun comes great responsibility, great returns. What no large caliber small arms can do without is a stock. Its task is to be light, durable, convenient and concise.

The pipe manufactured by Armacon Arms Devices for the installation of adjustable telescopic butts can become an excellent lightweight, and most importantly, durable and not expensive buttstock base for your iron comrade.

The pipe is made of aluminum by extrusion, which allowed Armacon to obtain a product of the highest quality at the level of the world's best manufacturers, while maintaining a low cost of the product for the end user. The pipe has a black color. Marking is applied on top of the coating on the upper part of the pipe for the convenience of the user.

The product has a length of 200 mm and six positions for adjusting the butt position and the range of the butt stroke of 105 mm, as well as the "correct" diameter of the COMM standard - 29.7 mm, which allows the vast majority of commercial standard butts to be used with this pipe. At the same time, the butts will be freely adjusted, both without extra effort and without backlash, traditionally inherent in pipes of the budget price segment.

The combination of the highest level of manufacturing with a low price makes Armacon pipes the best offer on the domestic market.

The threaded part of the pipe has a special groove for the end plates - endplates, with which the pipe is fixed in the adapter.

There is a plug on the back of the pipe that allows you to use the pipe with AR-15 carbines.


  • Aluminum

Stock Tube "Telescope"


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