In modern wars, when warfare is carried out at medium and long distances, the main dangerous for the soldier is fragments and shrapnel. Even a small fragment can hit vital parts of the body and not just injure a soldier, and put his life in danger.

The Russian Armed forces needed affordable, comfortable and practical bodyarmor, that could be worn by a soldier for several days. 6b43 fulfilled all requirements. The vest is very comfortable, provides a large area of protection. Now 6b45 used by almost all Army Units, more and more soldiers stop to use the old 6b23 6b13 in favor of 6b45, which is much superior to its predecessors in all aspects.

This vest is a replica of a 6b45. It is made from original fabric, in 100% original dimensions. The main difference from the original - no quick-reset system. It is suitable for a set of insertion set from 6b45, as well as dummy plates that you can buy from us in our store.


  • Baltex Cordon 500PU (Digital Flora EMR Leto)

Bodyarmor "6B45" Replica


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