Belts throughout history have shown themselves to be one of the most convenient platforms for carrying equipment. Starting from the sword belt and ending with the LBE and warbelt, they were actively used in various branches of the armed forces because they allow carrying ammunition and other elements of equipment without overloading the soldier and ensuring good mobility.   

Ars Arma MRB is a low-profile three-part MOLLE base. The first is a thin trouser belt which the second part is attached to - the soft part of the velcro. The third part is installed on it - the external MOLLE belt itself. Such fastening provides high wearing comfort and reliable fixation.   

The number of MOLLE webs changes depending on the size of the belt. There are slots on the sides for access to the main belt if you need to fasten a hip holster or platform. The belt is very light, has eхсellent ergonomics and a low profile makes it as convenient as possible especially in confined spaces.


  • Cordura 1000D

Light Warbelt "MRB"

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