Performing different tasks requires different levels of armor. For example, some operations require the use of the most compact and comfortable body armor with light plates, while others may require heavy armor to protect most of the body.

However, 2 bulletproof vests take up a lot of space, and shifting pouches from one to another is boring. AVS Ars Arma would not be an adaptive system if it did not foresee this.

In the "AVS" Tile Carrier, you can use SAPI plates to turn AVS into a lightweight vest, and you can also use MBAV plates designed for the same plates, but with a greater degree of protection from splinters (Kevlar). Both plate holders give you the opportunity to use AVS in completely different operations, adjusting it even according to parameters such as the degree of protection against splinters.

The "AVS" AK Open Plate Carrier Kit includes:

Plate Pouch "AVS" - 2 pc.

Skeleton Kammerband "AVS" - 2 pcs.

Front Panel "AVS" AK Close - 1 pc.


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Plate Сarrier "AVS" AK Close Full set

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