The 20th century posed new threats to Europe and also gave these threats better weapons. All this led to the fact that it became necessary to provide special forces soldiers with even better protection. The eternal confrontation between the “sword” and the “shield” has taken on a new form.

Helmet AM-95 is a very rare example of a protective helmet of German special forces in the 1980s. This replica by Gear Craft exactly repeats its appearance, but DOES NOT have protective qualities. The helmet is distinguished by large compartments for headphones and a headset, which gave it different nicknames. Also, a large visor is installed on the helmet. The helmet is presented in two versions - with a working Kenwood headset or with a dummy.

In addition to the catchy appearance, the helmet has a convenient suspension system and, most important, a high protection area. Perfect for re-enactors because of its rarity and authenticity.


  • Fiberglass
  • Plexiglas

GSG Helmet "AM-95" no radio (SALE) Replica

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