The Chestrig «Jaeger-Bastion» is a modern version of the classic «chicom» chestrig. The vest is designed for fighters who need to carry a large ammunition package, but as compactly as possible so that ammunition does not obstruct movement, is easily accessible from any position, does not interfere with being placed in transport, carrying backpacks.   

The "Jaeger-Bastion" chestrig is equipped with three pouches for 2 AK mags (if you remove the partition, you can fit as many as three). There are also two pouches for a ROP or a smoke bomb and 4 grenade pouches.   

The design of the straps assumes an X-shaped wearing, which makes it convenient to use the chestrig with backpacks. Also, the vest has the ability to quickly reset and has loops at the bottom for attaching a 40 mm belt. To remove moisture, all pockets are equipped with drainage holes with grommets.


  • Cordon 500D

Chestrig "Jaeger-Bastion"


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