The Afghan War of 1979-1989 changed the Soviet Army a lot. Not only tactics of warfare, but also the equipment of the Soviet Warrior-Internationalist undergone changes. Soldiers had started to use body armor which were not so popular before. The "6B3" became the most famous and wide-spread one.

Body armor "6B3" appeared in the Soviet Army in 1983. It was used in all branches of the Soviet Army in the Afghan War of 1979-1989 and by the Russian troops during the First and Second Chechen War. And even now it's used in several CIS countries.

This body armor has a large area of protection. It has a weapon belt and shoulder supports for a butt. There are 4 pouches for AK and a pouch for an IPP with AI-1 on the front side. And there are 4 pouches for hand grenades and a plash-palatka on the back. Vest adjusts in height and size with straps, can be used with a harness.


  • Serge c/p art. 3221

Bodyarmor "6B3" Replica


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