Soviet industry significantly differs from american, and Soviet body armors like 6B5 from the "Uley" line shows this well. Vests from the "Uley" line differ from others in having "circuit board" which is made of boron carbide plates wich protect against shots. But the concept of "honeycomb" was replaced by Granit and SAPI over time, and a body armor 6B5 after several post soviet conflicts had gone forever.

Body armor 6B5 appeared in 1990. Firstly it was used by "Alpha", but soon it spread across soviet countries. It was used by Russian army in Chechen War and by Russian Special Forces.

Body armor has throat protector, shoulder support for a butt and a weapon belt. There are 4 pouches for AK or RPK mags on the front side and pouches for hand grenades and cloak tent on the back. Vest adjusts in height and size with cummerbund, can be used with a harness.


  • Serge c/p art. 3221

Bodyarmor "6B5" Replica

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