The modular tactical platform Gladiator-V was widely used by Russian Special Operations Forces in the Syrian Arab Republic. The bulletproof vest consists of two parts: front and back, connected by a camberband belt. Molle slings are sewn over the entire area of the vest for attaching various pouches. BASTION company presents a replica of this bulletproof vest made taking into account the features of the original.

The bulletproof vest is fastened with an external waistband, at the ends of which a velcro panel is sewn. The ends are brought together on the front panel of the vest, on which the mating part of the Velcro is sewn, additionally fixed with a front flap. There is also an inner belt - a kamerband, which is attached in a similar way to the body. This design contributes to a good fit and an even distribution of weight over the body. On the inside of the front and back panels of the bulletproof vest, it is possible to install a CAP. Armor plates and Kevlar can be installed inside the bulletproof vest. Plates are suitable for SAPI\ESAPI format size L. Neck, groin and shoulder protection are provided. 

Gladiator-V has no ballistic properties! It is perfect for the reconstruction of special forces of the Russian Federation, the transfer of equipment, as well as body protection in military sports games.


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Bodyarmor "Gladiator-V" Replica


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