For a long time, the Internal Troops of Russia did not have full-fledged combat vests, in most cases they had to be content with canvas pouches for 3 AK. With the beginning of the First Chechen War, there was a great need for new equipment to increase the effectiveness of each individual soldier. The Vityaz vest began to spread rapidly during the Second Chechen War, among the units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. For its time, it was quite convenient and practical.   

The Replica Combat Vest "Vityaz" has a central zipper, is equipped with a large number of pouches for various purposes.   

The vest has 4 pouches for 8 AK magazines, 4 pouches for a grenade, a pouch for a radio station, 4 pouches for smoke grenades of various types like RSP, RGD2, ROP, a pouch for IPP, a pouch for a battery, a pouch for a knife. By adjusting the straps, the size of the vest can be adjusted to any figure. Belt loops for the waist belt are located at the bottom of the vest.


  • Oxford 600 PU
  • LRTP-25mm

Combat Vest "Vityaz"


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