![]( Aproduct/A_camo/description.jpg) In modern wars, when warfare is carried out at medium and long distances, the main dangerous for the soldier is fragments and shrapnel. Even a small fragment can hit vital parts of the body and not just injure a soldier, and put his life in danger. The Russian Armed forces needed affordable, comfortable and practical bodyarmor, that could be worn by a soldier for several days. 6b43 fulfilled all requirements. The vest is very comfortable, provides a large area of protection. Now 6b43/45 used by almost all Army Units, more and more soldiers stop to use the old 6b23 6b13 in favor of 6b43/45, which is much superior to its predecessors in all aspects. The main difference between 6b43 and 6b45 in several minor details, and also bulletproof plate grade 5 (vs 6b43, it have 6A) and sewn Kevlar package. Overall, the 6b45 is just a cheaper version of 6b43. This vest is a replica of a 6b43/45. It is made from original fabric, in 100% original dimensions. The main difference from the original - no quick-reset system. It is suitable for a set of insertion set from 6b43, as well as dummy plates that you can buy from us in our store.
![]( Aproduct/A_camo/Features.jpg)
1. Large area of protection.
2. Very comfortable.
3. Used by almost all Army units.
4. 100% original dimensions and fabric.
5. One size fits all (XS-3XL)
Bodyarmor: Mogotex 1000
Insertions: Isolon. ![](
Weight: 1000 gram Volume weight: 2000 gram


    Bodyarmor 6B45/43


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