Cool season is often problematic for the military and tactical enthusiasts, since summer suits are already too light for comfortable work, and winter ones are not yet relevant. Fleece has established itself among the special forces as a warm and comfortable material for winter and demiseason clothing.   

The Russian army sweater has a simple but functional design, as it was made specially for the needs of the military in the cold season. The fabric of the sweater has a high wool content, which makes it very warm and pleasant to wear. There is a warm high collar (in the EMR version), as well as reinforcements in the areas of the shoulders and elbows. The sweater has a tight fit for less heat loss.   

The olive-colored sweater has a chest pocket and shoulder straps. It is worn by Russian Federation soldiers in cool and rainy weather under the jacket.


  • Wool 50%, PAN 50%

Camo Sweater

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