![]( Aproduct/A_camo/description.jpg) Fighting in rough terrain is a long marches and shootings at a long distance. In this case, body armor may be unnecessary and it would be better to carry more ammo. For this purpose, a chestrig is perfect. The "Yeger" vest by "SSO/SPOSN" is equipped with three pouches for 2 AK mags (if you remove the partition, you can fit even three of them). There are also two pouches for a flare rocket or smoke grenade and 4 grenade pouches. The design of the straps supposes X and H type of wearing, which makes it convenient to use the vest with backpacks. Also, the vest has provides quick-release and has bottom loops for attaching the RS-40 belt.
![]( Aproduct/A_camo/Features.jpg)
1. Simple and reliable vest. 2. Holds from 6 to 9 AK mags. 3. Possible quick release.
Nylon 100% ![](
Weight: 900 gram


    Chestrig "Jaeger"


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