Corset Bodyarmor "Atom" has a large area of protection. It does not squeeze and does not make breathing difficult when making, bending and squatting. It is suitable for a large-sized person or for tasks with an increased risk of damage by fragmentation elements.

The vest has quick-release plastic ROC buckles on the camber bands, allowing you to quickly and quietly disconnect the camber bands from the front panel. The front and back panels for armor elements allow the installation of any armor panels.

The corset camberband, in addition to protection, provides a moderate and even distribution of the load from the back. The left and right camera bands are connected by rubber cords.

Size: L.


  • Plastic Hardware: ITW Nexus/DUE EMME
  • Front Side: Cordura 500D Green Moss, Multicam USA 1000D
  • Velcro: Nylon/Polyamide Italy
  • Slings: Polyester/Polypropylene AO Lenta
  • Inner side: Cordon 500
  • Threads: Polyamide, Spain

Corset Bodyarmor "Atom"


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