The experience of the first Chechen war showed that a fighter needs reliable protection, including both classic plates on the chest and back, and protection of the groin area and neck. After all, only one fragment could deprive a fighter of life.

To solve this problem, Fort Technology company released a vest, throat protector and groin pad "Defender 2", which were supplied to almost all special units, starting from the FSB and ending with the Russian Guard. The kit has an excellent protection area.

Defender 2 with diagonal Molle, is a modern version of the vest. This version of the vest has diagonal MOLLE slings on the chest, it is possible to mount the holster at an angle of 45 degrees due to the location of the MOLLE slings.

The Defender 2 "DC MOLLE" Replica Full set includes:

Vest Defender 2 "DC MOLLE" Replica - 1 pc.

Throat protector "Defender 2" Replica - 2 pcs.

Groin pad Defender 2 "MOLLE" - 1 pc.


  • Cordura 1000D
  • Avizent

Bodyarmor Defender 2 "DC MOLLE" Full set Replica


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