First Chechen war experience has shown, that the engaged personnel need durable protection, which includes bothly armor frontal and back plates and neck and groin sectors protection, because even one fragmentary injury might cause death

For this problem solution FORT TECHNOLOGY issued Defender 2 vest, which become standard equipment element in different SF units of FSB,FSO and Rusguard. It provided user with optimal protection coverage and included detachable neck protectors and groin pads. Defender 2 become legendary vest, which has been used in Russia almost for 20 years now. 

Defender 2 Emerald is modified version of DC Molle. The only difference is in fabric. Emeral defender made from unique "Emerald" fabric. It have specific color and works great with modern camouflages, like Spectre or Multicam/A-tacs FG.


  • Original Unique Emerald Fabric

Defender 2 "Emerald" Replica


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