The location of pouches on body armor's front panel is a good solution. This provides you with easy access to your mags, administrative pouch or other equipment that you have placed there.

However, the MOLLE system has one weak side - if you need to replace the pouches, the weaving of the webs will take a lot of time and effort. Ars Arma has foreseen this in their AVS body armor, making it possible to unfasten the front panel and fasten another one with the equipment that's already installed. So, for example, you can unfasten a panel with pouches for AK magazines and install a panel with a pocket for M4 mags or another one.

These panels, bundled with other components of AVS, allow you to have one bulletproof vest ready to be equipped at any time for completely different tasks. Altogether there are 4 panel options available: a MOLLE panel, a panel with a kangaroo pocket for 3 AR mags, a panel with integrated flap pouches for 6 AK and a similar one for 3 AR mags.


  • Cordura 1000D

Frontal Panel "AVS"


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