During a combat mission you may suddenly need many different items and tools. For the most convenient use, military place these items in quick access directly on their equipment - on a vest or belt. Therefore, capacious utility pouches were developed.   

This Gear Craft pouch is a versatile pouch for carrying everything you need. Plastic inserts provide shape inflexibility and good protection for what you put in it - a bottle, a flashlight or even a machine gun cartridge belt. The pouch is presented in two options - large and small.   

The pouch valve has is large, closes with Velcro and Fastex and can also be folded in half in the open position to provide quick access to the contents. On both sides there are external MOLLE webs.


  • Cordura 500D (Olive Drab, Black, Coyote, A-Tacs FG, Multicam) Krdon PY500 Baltex (Digital Flora) Mogotex Belarus (Flora)

Utility Pouch "Artifact"

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