You need a durable and functional suit for winter exercises. Don't forget that the clothes are also consumables, so for training you need something you can not be afraid to damage or get dirty. The suit should be warm, waterproof, comfortable and durable, but affordable. The combination of this factors is rare.

Gorka 5 "Fleece" is a variant of your favorite Gorka for cold weather. "Huntsman" made it from inexpensive and durable materials, which makes it the most affordable, functional and warm. Thanks to fleece lining, it is comfortable to wear in late autumn and winter, because fleece retains heat perfectly, and the tarpaulin base protects from snow.

The recognizable look of Gorka is perfect for recreating an image of an old-school Russian special forces, but without camouflage inserts it allows to smoothly fit into other loadouts. Twisted yarns and tarpaulin fabric make it waterproof. The suit is strengthened in various places, which ensures its high durability and convenience.


  • 100% Tent X/B, fleece insulation 180g/sq. m.

Winter Suit Gorka "Fleece"


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