Conducting special operations in rough terrain (mountains, forests, fields) implies the performance of special tasks as well as a high level of autonomy and mobility. There is no doubt that the scout needs to choose the most suitable equipment that would meet one main requirement - carrying a large amount of ammunition over long distances with minimal exhaustion.

To solve such problems in the 1990s in Russia was developed "Sbruya-Partizan." This LBE replica exactly copies the real one, the father of SMERSH. The basis of the LBE is a hard and soft belt and comfortable shoulder straps attached at 6 points. There are 4 pouches for carrying 4 AK mags in each (with fixed partitions), 2 pouch for a grenade, a capacious bread bag with three compartments and a shoulder pouch for a radio.

"Sbruya-Partizan" has excellent capacity and shows itself perfectly in situations where you need to carry a lot of ammunition for a long time - the LBE system transfers the center of gravity down and you can easily overcome the required distance. The replica has a very high quality and authentic appearance, which will make it perfect for re-enactors of the FSB and other special forces in the Second Chechen Company era.


  • 100% Nylon
  • Cordura 1000D

Harness "Partizan"


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