Military personnel of the internal troops, as well as police and special forces, require reliable and effective means of protection. At the beginning of 2000, active development of such equipment was carried out and ZSH-1-2M became one of these helmets.

A replica of this helmet by Gear Craft company completely copies the appearance of a real helmet, but DOES NOT have protective properties. Such helmets were actively used by the special forces of MVD and internal troops. The helmet is equipped with an original and authentic leather suspension system.

The helmet has a large protection area and is available in three trim levels: ZSh-1-2 (without a visor and mounts), ZSh-1-2M (with a visor) and ZSh-1-2MR (with a visor and a radio). Used Kenwood connector. The mounts of the visor are made of steel.


  • Fiberglass
  • 6-8mm plexiglass

Helmet ZSh-1-2M Replica


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