Fighting in hot weather has some discomfort. Wearing a jacket at a high temperature is too hot, and a combat shirt may be unnecessary for some tasks such as practical shooting or physical training.   

T-shirt "Instructor" from Mordor Tac. is a great choice for hot weather. The T-shirt is entirely made of lightweight and breathable knitwear that stretches perfectly and doen’t constrain movements. The cut of the T-shirt is also comfortable and ergonomic. There are velcro panels on the sleeves for attaching chevrons and patches.   

The t-shirt has a concise design and is perfect for both shooting training, sports and everyday wear. Like other Mordor Tac. products this t-shirt has a wide range of patterns and many sizes.


  • Cotton 92%, lycra 8%

Tactical T-shirt "Instructor" (SALE) Liquidation

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