Airsoft Machinegun Milled Hop-Up Chamber from Russian Manufacturer.

Airsoft players, who use machinegun as a primary weapon, usually take care of the inner barrel`s coaxiality and hop-up adjustment precision problems, cause it influence directly at the precision and stability of bullet`s flight and it`s very important for machinegunner.

Hop-up chamber is responsible for coaxiality of inner barrel and nozzle and for precision of hop-up adjustment. It`s usual, when standard hop-up chamber, made of plastic or silumin influence negative to your efficency as a player, due to high fire rite, which is typical for airsoft machineguns. Milled aluminium hop-up chamber make you forget about such kind of problems and provide fo you such advantage, as high firepower in airsoft combat.


  • Plastic, silumin

Airsoft Hop-Up Machinegun Chamber CNC


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