![]( To spot the target first is half of victory and underestimation of the enemy’s alertness and attention can not only put in danger a single soldier, as well as his comrades, but generally put the entire mission plan in jeopardy of failure. The correct camo choice for a certain terrain allows you to open fire first, disorient the enemy and keep firing freely or simply quickly disappear after a contact reconnaissance. One of the ways to achieve such an advantage over the enemy is a camouflage suit for alpine units “Partizan-M” produced by the "SSO/SPOSN". The kit includes loose jacket with a hood and trousers that perfectly distort the silhouette and a carrying cover. Such cut in combination with camouflage provides a high level of stealth. The suit is two-sided, so just pulling it and pockets inside out you get an alternative color scheme. The costume is made of dense and windproof fabric specialized for use in the mountains and in bad weather conditions. The camouflage dressing gown is very durable and comfortable, it has slot buttons, adjustments and loops for attaching additional camouflage elements. The knees, the back of the trousers and the elbows are reinforced with an additional layer of fabric for greater durability and comfort. The design is similar standard "Partisan" suit, but this version has more pockets. The density of the fabric and the camouflage make this suit more suitable for autumn and spring, and the fabric has IR remission.
1. The baggy look provides convenience and invisibility. 2. Protects from cold wind in bad weather. 3. Completely two-sided. 4. Has 10 pockets. 5. Doesn't "glow" in NVG.
100% cotton ![](
Weight: 1900 gram


    Masking suit "PARTIZAN M"


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