The cool season creates a number of difficulties for the military. Lower temperatures, frequent rains and wind make it necessary to choose gear and clothes that are more suitable for the season. There is a large selection of demi-season clothing for the forest, but not so many for urban needs.

Mordor Tac developed a special urban bomber jacket "Grad Urban" for the needs of the Russian Police and FSO. This jacket is made of dense waterproof fabric, which also protects from light wind. This makes it perfect for wearing in the city in the temperature range from +10 to +20 degrees (depending on what you wear under it).

The jacket has a casual look and military functionality and together with the choice between unicolor and camouflage it allows you to wear it both simply in the city and on special missions. It has 4 pockets and velcro strips for attaching patches. The jacket is made of lightweight and breathable fabric with a high cotton content.


  • "Janus" 51% cotton, 49% nylon (polyamide) Baltex ® (Russia)

Windbreaker "Grad Urban" Liquidation

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