During a fight or shooting competition, every second is precious. In order to return an empty magazine back to the pouch, a lot of time is spent, it is much easier to throw the store into a special reset. The company Mordor Tac. I made a special foldable small-sized dump pouch "SAS".   

The foldable dump pouch "SAS" allows you to quickly and conveniently fold empty magazines. This pouch has dimensions of 8x8x5 cm, which makes it as compact as possible when rolled up, when unfolded it holds up to 8 magazines.   

The pouch is quickly brought into combat condition, to open it, you need to pull a special sling down, it is also easy to refuel it back. The neck of the pouch is equipped with a reliable elastic tie, which prevents the stores from falling out during active actions. The pouch can be installed on equipment with a MOLLE interface or on a waist belt.


  • Nylon 100% VELCRO ® (Belgium)
  • Impulse nylon 90%, spandex 10%, moisture-repellent Teflon coating (Russia)

Foldable Dump Pouch "SAS"


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