One of the most popular pouches currently on the market is the Fast type pouches. Unfortunately, this type of pouch has several disadvantages, such as heavy weight, the fragility of the plastic, especially at sub-zero temperatures, and a very large profile of the pouch, so it is often difficult to hide behind a cover, as the pouches bulge out because of it.    

Mordor Tac has solved this problem by releasing the "Impulse" pouch. These pouches have a base of ORCA hypalon, so this pouch practically does not bulge from the vest, has a low weight and at the same time is very durable.    

The composition of the main fabric "Impulse" includes nylon, spandex, Teflon, so this fabric stretches perfectly and tightly fits the magazine, not letting it fall out, and thanks to nylon is very strong (up to 10,000 reload cycles).    

The "Impulse Pistol" pouch was created for the most popular mags in Russia - the Yarygin 9x19 Pistol, but can be used for any other Glock pistols (all versions on 9x19), Beretta 9x19, almost any airsoft magazines.


  • Impulse Nylon 90%, Spandex 10%, Moisture-repellent coating Teflon (Russia)
  • Hypalon ORCA ® (Belgium)
  • 100% VELCRO ® nylon (Belgium)

Fast Pistol Pouch "Impulse" Liquidation

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