Anybody, who is familiar with physical activity knows, that it's impossible not to sweat. That's why good clothes task is concluded into the fast moisture removal and air circulation, not allowing user to overheat.

That's why Mordor Tac created "Flex" tactical longlsleeve. There are such features, as simplicity, convenience, and unique materials: "Flex", which consists of two layers and 3 types of fabric, and "Yanus", which consists of two types of fabric and two layers:

1. Outer layer consists of cotton with addition of lycra for elasticy and durability, it's well-breathable, flexible and shapes your body literally after half an hour after wearing. 

2. Inner, "to-body" layer is made of very thin, but durable polyester net with big net cells, which also plays a role of so-called "skeleton" for the outer layer. This layer certainly provides user with necessary air circulation and removes moisture.

"Flex" tactical longsleeves will be good choice for SF units and law enforcement operatives due its simplicity and for IPSC shooters, because nothing will be and obstacle during operating the weapon.


  • Reinforced zones: 2-thread "Yanus" fabric( 51% cotton, 49% nylon\polyamide) Baltex ® (Russia)
  • The base itself: 2-thread "Flex" Heavy fabric (70% cotton, 25% polyester, 5% lycra)

Tactical Longsleeve "Flex" Liquidation

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