The standard ergonomics of special weapons does not always fit the specifics of the tasks performed and has rather limited functionality. RIS-Handguard is the solution to this problem. Various additional equipment can be installed on it, which will significantly expand the functionality of special weapons and will have a positive impact on tactical and technical characteristics and ergonomics.   

This RIS-forearm is designed for installation on a small-sized 9A-91 assault rifle and allows you to install such important body kit elements as tactical flashlights, PEQ, tactical grips of various types, etc. 

A battery with dimensions of no more than 75x25x15mm (950 mAh / 7.4 V) is placed in the forearm.


  • Picatinny rail: Steel coated with phosphate varnish
  • Forearm: High-strength polymer

Receiver Cover "Picatinny VSSM"


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