The age of technology has brought a lot of changes to the tactics of combat. There are a lot of new equipment designed for use by special forces personnel. New challenges have made it necessary to upgrade the current equipment to a higher level of functionality.   

The NPP-ClaSS company produces a replica of the TOR ballistic helmet, which was developed specifically for the needs of the SOBR and OMON units. This helmet is manufactured on the same production line as the original, but does not have ballistic protective properties. This Replica completely copies the mass-dimensional properties of this helmet.   

The helmet is a combination of a protective frame, a shock-absorbing system and a suspension system. It is possible to individually fit the helmet to the size of the head. The helmet is adapted for the use of various attachments, starting with Night Vision Devices, continuing with flashlights and ending with action cameras. IT DOES NOT HAVE THE BALLISTIC PROPERTIES OF INDIVIDUAL ARMOR PROTECTION, IT IS A MOCK-UP!


  • Fiberglass

Helmet "TOR M" Replica


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